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Getting to know: Behzad Gotla, the new face behind Butlers Wharf Chop House’s kitchen pass

Butlers Wharf Chop House has got a brand new face behind the pass. Head Chef, Behzad Gotla has joined the riverside restaurant to introduce a meaty new menu to the Wharf. He brings with him years of experience, after previously working for Gordan Ramsay and a charming smile that you won’t be able to resist. THE DISH caught up with him to find out more.

Come and sample Behzad’s new menu. Book a table here.

What can we expect from your new menus?

The new menu is a modern British chop house menu, using local seasonal produce from and around Britain. With simple cooking I want to let the ingredients speak for themselves

What’s your favourite dish on your menu?

My favourite is definitely the devilled chicken liver and Irish potato bread. It is exactly how my mother makes it without any spices, but let the ingredients do their thing

What’s your favourite ingredient to cook with?

Onion. Onion brings out the natural flavour of sweetness, acidity and crunch and is an ingredient used in almost every dish to add flavour or texture

Where else have you previously worked?

Previously I worked for Gordon Ramsay holding for eight and a half years. I started out as a Demi chef de partie in Maze restaurant and worked my way up to the Head Chef of Maze Grill, Mayfair in 2015. During my term with Gordon Ramsay, I had the privilege to work for the Savoy grill, and was in the opening team for Maze Grill Park Walk and Maze Grill Royal Hospital Road

Who/what inspired you to become a chef?

My mother was the driving force behind my career in becoming a chef. She convinced me to join the hospitality industry rather than the airline industry which I was more keen on at the time

What’s the best part about your job?

As a chef there is so much to learn about different food cultures. Whilst you have to restrict yourself to cooking what is on the menu, chefs can always share a worldwide knowledge of food and apply those cooking techniques in the kitchen. The best part of the job is constantly learning and evolving myself and the team to create dishes that delight the guests, as there are constant changes in food trends and chefs have to stay up to date with it and keep challenging themselves everyday to keep up with it

Check out Behzad’s brand new menu

How do you cope with the stress of working in the kitchen?

Organize your tasks every day. Keep calm and work as a team

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spend time with family and friends. Keep my self-occupied with work so that I’m not lazy on my days off

Do you have a secret talent?

Calligraphy writing

Say hi to Behzad next time you’re at Butlers Wharf Chop House,  and come and sample his new menu. Book a table here.