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Getting to know: Wing of St Mawes, Klosterhaus seafood supplier

Ahead of the launch of our brand new restaurant in Bristol, Klosterhaus, we caught up with one of their suppliers to the restaurant to find out more.

Klosterhaus is D&D London’s first restaurant in the South West, so we are super excited to work with a whole bunch of new suppliers, including Wing of St Mawes from Cornwall.

  • Tell us a bit about the company.

Wing of St. Mawes is an award-winning, family-run Cornish fishmonger celebrated for supplying top quality fresh fish, shellfish and smoked fish to Michelin starred chefs and the wider catering industry.

  • What kind of methods do you use for fishing?

On a daily basis, Wing of St. Mawes buy the best quality seafood from local fishermen and the fish markets of Cornwall and South Devon. Fish merchant and owner, Rob Wing says: “Whether it’s lobster and crab from the St. Mawes based skipper, Barney Rosewall in the Patricia Anne or fresh fish from the Stevens family in their Newlyn based trawler, The Crystal Sea – we know how our seafood is sourced. We know the names of the vessels, where they have been fishing, what has been caught and when the catch was landed. We can also tell you who filleted or prepared your fish – complete traceability!”

  • How important is sustainability to your company?

Advocating sustainable fishing practices and healthy fish stocks are a core value for Wing of St. Mawes. The company make regular contributions to support the world-class work of the National Lobster Hatchery as they nurture lobster stocks and also helped found a ‘no fish zone’ off north Cornwall to help address the sustainability of Cornish cod and haddocks stocks. Rob from Wing of St. Mawes says: “we care about our fish and fishermen and will do everything within our power to preserve and strengthen our fishing communities.

Not to mention that the secret of great seafood is to work with seasonal ingredients and buy the very best fish in season.” 

  • How are you trying to minimise your impact on the environment?

Wing of St. Mawes have made firm commitments towards reducing their impact on the environment. From the use of solar power at their premises to reusing their fish waste products they are currently working on a transition to fully recyclable packaging products.

  • What kind of fish do you supply?

The company pride themselves in their reputation as a One-Stop Fish Shop. From the everyday crab and lobster requirements through to artisan smoked fish and even samphire grass, whatever the requirements of a customer, subject to seasonality Wing of St, Mawes are able to deliver.

  • What’s the most important thing you’d want people to know about your company?

Wing of St. Mawes pride themselves on providing sustainably sourced, quality seafood, with excellent value for money and good old-fashioned service.