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Introducing London’s newest Co-Working space: The Work Room

It’s 2019 and we’re so over the traditional office set-up. Say goodbye to colleagues stealing your stationery or the terrible office DJ, as we are all about the freedom of the co-working space. Why stare at grey office walls when you can relax in beautiful restaurants?  THE DISH caught up with Dominika Sadowska, the founder of The WorkRoom, to see what it’s all about.

What is The Work Room and how does the concept differ to other co-working spaces in London?

It’s a platform that focuses on utilising the unused space in the restaurants connecting the venues with modern professionals who otherwise work from home or coffee shops. Venues and their availability are listed on the Workroom App, and users can book the drop-in workspace in 3 easy steps. The day-pass costs only £10 and it includes everything the users need to do their work: desk, complimentary coffee, WiFi, electric plugs.

“The WorkRoom provides everything those digital nomads need to enhance their work, social interactions and support the new lifestyle that blurs the lines between work and life”.

What gave you the inspiration to start your own business?

My journey started while studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science. While I was completing my master’s degree, I also pursued a professional career within the Real Estate Investment at the same time, and during that time I became frustrated with the lack of affordable but central office solutions for people in London who need an office, (or even a comfortable desk alone), to conduct their work or study on an ad-hoc basis without the lengthy contracts. This inspired me to find a solution to the problem that I have encountered myself, but also an entire generation of freelancers, entrepreneurs and anyone who is looking for a flexible alternative to working from home or a more conventional office is also experiencing.

Where is your favourite place to work from?

I have been working from co-working spaces for many years now, and I do like the environment because there are always people around and I can swap locations. However, since we have introduced The Workroom, (I know I am biased, but also there is a reason why I think it’s such a great solution) I am really enjoying working from the restaurants. Every day of the week I am at different venue, which helps with my meetings and I am more productive, because there is always something happening and I get a lot of inspiration from seeing different people, different places.

What are your favourite organisation apps?

I am always using Slack – amazing for quick communication and discussions among different teams. it provides transparency, so everyone is up to date with the progress.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. Skinny flat white.

Do you think that eventually the majority of people will work from co-working spaces?

The way people work has changed. The space and culture embodies the natural progression in the new work style of young, affluent freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs. This new class of digital nomads can work from anywhere around the world. They’re part of a new breed of professionals who travel in style, appreciate elevated environments, work remotely, and have no division between their personal and professional lives. To cater it, the flexible workspace trend has been growing tremendously fast over the last couple of years, attracting not only the tech start ups and freelance crowd, but most of all companies of all sizes.

What kind of spaces make the best co-working areas?

At The Workroom we focus only on beautiful spaces, with amazing food and great locations. Places you want to be seen. Places you want to visit again and again. We want to make people feel special, to be proud to invite their clients, to feel good about themselves and be happy about what they do. I think having a delicious food, a beautiful environment and a lovely, high quality service, will make anyone’s day better. All of our venues are known for their ambience and fantastic chefs. It’s important to maintain this kind of standard, so that people will know that whatever location they choose from our curated network of restaurants, will certainly be an another great work experience.

The WorkRoom is now available at 100 Wardour Street, Bluebird Chelsea, Fiume and Radici. Try it out now.