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Our Unique Wine stories: Discovering Alemany i Corrio, one of the finest producers in Penede

This Summer, D&D London are championing a selection of hand-picked wines that have unique stories; a fascinating founding , an extraordinary wine making process or a bottle design like no other. THE DISH caught up with the founders of Alemany i Corrio to find out what makes their wines unique.

Firstly, we’d love to know a bit of history about you guys. How did you get into the wine industry?

Well we wanted to make white wine. A good quality white wine in Penedès, and to be able to introduce young people (not only by age, but by soul, too) to the wine world.

For the bottle artwork, we used the CD cover of a friend of ours (Àlex Torío), that made garage music, (as well as being a teacher of Mathematics). We are big fans of Alex, so we decided to launch the wine with a small live concert in an underground music bar in Barcelona. Apart from that, the launch was kept quite low key though, and we only  chose places that we knew young people would visit. This way it doesn’t put people in fear of the wine world, if they are unfamiliar with it. The aim was to try and make as many people as possible to enjoy the wine.

Irene Alemany and Laurent Corrio

How important is your contribution to tackling Global Warming?

We try to minimise tractor interventions to avoid modifying soils. We make a soils study and we try to adapt plants and rootstocks to our soils and climate to make high quality. We harvest by hand and we don’t use a tractor to transport grape cases to minimise our carbon footprint and to avoid grapes oxidation. It is very very important that we take care of the planet….. one day we will die, but planet still has to keep alive live!

Do you have other vineyard sites for production planned? Will there ever be additional varieties?

We are dealing with some very old vineyards at the moment, and these are already planted. We always make a soil map and carry out deep studies of the soils that we work with.

Part of the traditional crushing process

What is this wine best served with?

It matches with a lot of of dishes. Any meat, fish, rice, or things with spice. We think that the best way to drink it, is to be in good company: friends, family, your pet!

Why should guests try out this wine?

Because the accurate way that we work to make it special. It’s a small part of our world that we come from, and it’s an expression of our landscape, ours soils and our soul.

What characters can you pick out from this wine?

Each time you open a new bottle it’s constantly giving out new aromas, and doesn’t stop! You’ll have to try it for yourself to find out.

Check out the bottle design