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Women at D&D London

This International Women’s Month, we are celebrating women everywhere; their achievements, strengths, resilience and ability to overcome any challenges thrown their way.

We have spoken to some of the women across D&D London, to find out more about them, to learn from them, and celebrate their successes within the company and beyond. Read on to find out more, you might even spot some familiar faces!


Olga Gay, General Manager at German Gymnasium


Olga has been General Manager of German Gym since August 2021. She has been working at D&D London since the beginning of the company, and has since worked in multiple venues across the brand.

What is the biggest factor that has helped you in your success?

There are many factors: passion, resilience, patience, people and a lot of hours.

How should women support other women in the workplace?

Push and support each other and not see the other person as competition (although a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone). See the other as a source of information – we can always learn from each other. Try to be a role model/guide/support for the younger generation of women who want to get into the industry.

Why is International Women’s Day important to you?

To me, it is a reminder of what has already been achieved to change the position of women in society but it is also a reminder that we still have a way to go.


Zivile Aluziene, L&D Training Partner

Zivile has worked at D&D London for 5 years now, and is current an L&D Training Partner.

How should women support other women in the workplace?

I think the key is to support each other’s work and help other women believe that they can achieve more. We should celebrate each other’s accomplishments and commit more time and effort to mentoring other women.

Why is International Women’s Day important to you?

It’s a chance to celebrate all the amazing achievements of women. When we own our accomplishments, we set positive examples for girls to follow.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would borrow Brené Brown’s words and say ‘Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Brazen’.

Juliette Pecoul, Manager of Bluebird White City

Juliette has been the GM of Bluebird White City since the 1st December 2021. She has just turned 26, and is originally from Paris, having moved to London in 2019 when she joined D&D London as a waitress.

What has been your biggest career achievement so far?

Getting this position! I have always wanted to work in the industry, and got a degree to become a Restaurant Manager. As soon as I graduated, I set myself some goals. The main one for my career was to be general manager by the time I turned 30… and I have succeeded in getting the position even earlier! It is a lot of work, and new challenged which makes everyday different, but I feel really proud and happy.

How did you get here? (D&D London)

I studied the hospitality industry at FERRANDI Paris, a gastronomy school. It was a three year degree with 3 internships throughout my time there. The second internship had to be completed in a foreign country, so my professor gave me an email address from a GM at a restaurant in England… and I got an internship at Bluebird Chelsea! I learnt a lot during those 6 months, and that is probably the internship that helped me grow the most. After I graduated, I started work in Paris, but was missing London so much and decided to go back. I applied to go back to Bluebird Chelsea in 2019 and here I am!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Do whatever you want, but be the best at what you do. And never stop working and learning, and take knowledge from other people when they let you do so.


Becky Wilkes, Head of Sales & Marketing

Born and raised in Bolton, I started my career in hospitality in 2003. Since then, I have developed a huge passion for the industry, a love for sales & marketing and a great knowledge of Manchester’s hospitality scene. I joined D&D London in 2017, and in 2018 I also co-founded Manchester Hospitality Network, a group of hospitality professionals who support and assist one another with their roles.

What has been your biggest career achievement so far?

My biggest achievement to date was opening 20 Stories in Manchester, I was the first recruit for the restaurant and it was my job to launch the site in the city. We were set to be a £4.4m site and we made that in our first 4 months of being open! Still to this day, 20 Stories has a fantastic reputation and people travel far and wide to join us!

How should women support other women in the workplace?

I think women should surround themselves with women who would mention your name in a room full of opportunities. We should praise other women’s successes rather than see them as a competitor. We should be mentors for the next generation and be who we needed when we were younger. 

How did you get here? (D&D London)

When I moved to the city and was applying for Business Development roles, where you proactively needed to represent the business to win new clients, I was told ‘nobody knows who Becky Wilkes is and you don’t really look like a typical BDM’ (they wanted someone super glamorous!). That only motivated me further because I knew I had the drive to be the best version of myself to exceed the duties needed in that role. An amazing woman who is now an Operations Director of a huge hospitality brand gave me a chance and after being in that role for a year, I was headhunted to join D&D London as Business Development and Event Manager.