D&D launch partnership with Mental Health Mates

In 2019, D&D want you to live your lunch break & take charge of your hour to refuel, refocus, reenergise and refresh.

Throughout May & June we are partnering with Mental Health Mates, and a discretionary £1 will be added to your bill this lunchtime to help the charity as part of our ‘Live Your Lunch Break’ campaign.

Mental Health Mates, believe from personal experience that one of the key ways that mental illness thrives is through isolation. They believe that nobody has ever recovered from a mental health issue without first taking about it. Sharing stories helps people to take the first steps to recovery. It is peer support at its finest: they have seen people thrive and come alive just over the course of their meet-ups alone, not to mention the way that friendships help people to move forward.

All D&D London‘s restaurants will be raising money to support Mental Health Mates through bill donations and a series of ticketed events across the venues. D&D are delighted to be raising money and awareness for this brilliant cause.