Damien Rigollet

Where have I seen you before?

I actually joined  Coq d’Argent 10 years ago, but before that I worked for two years at Boudin Blanc, a French brasserie in Mayfair, and prior to that I lived for two years and a half in St Maarten in the Caribbean.

Can you describe your cooking in three words?

Creative, seasonal and stylish.

Who/what has been the biggest influence on your cooking?

My grandmother! She passed on her passion for food and cooking. In a professional environment,  Michael Weiss (now at Quaglino’s).  We worked together for almost a decade and he taught me a lot. We made a great team as we have the same palate and vision of food and dishes.


What’s your favourite season for ingredients and why?

Spring, when all vegetables and fruits are bursting with flavour and colour.

What do you cook for yourself when you get home from a shift?

It depends how tired I am and what is in the fridge! It can be anything from pasta to pan-fried sea bass, chicken curry or quiche Lorraine.

What makes a great dish?

The passion that goes into making it. When you look at the dish and you can tell the chef who created it put a lot of themselves into it: spending a long time perfecting it and using their creativity in the mix of flavours and final presentation.

What makes a great restaurant?

Somewhere you go to have a good time, where you can forget everything else and just feel you’re in a little bubble enjoying food and drinks with your family and friends.

What’s your favourite music to cook to?

House music or funk music.

Have you got any tattoos?


 Tell us something we might not know about you.

Before I was a chef I used to organise fireworks for private parties, I also used to be a DJ in in night clubs.