Romildo Michele Tricarico

Michele was born in the Veneto region of Italy, before he started his career in Verona, where he spent his first years working at the Giovanni Rana family restaurant and mastered his fresh pasta making skills.

He then went to work in a restaurant in Lake Garda and then Milan for the opening of the first Emporio Armani Cafe, in which Michele built on his knowledge of Italy’s different regional cuisines and methods of cooking.

Michele then moved to London where he worked under the Italian Michelin-starred Chef Riccardo de Pra, at Dolada, Mayfair, before ultimately starting his journey at D&D London.

He was first at Cantina del Ponte seven years ago, then moved over to Blueprint Café and Radici, before returning back to Cantina as Head Chef.

Michele’s authentic cooking and use of quality ingredients is inspired by traditional Italian family cooking.