Growing up living in various parts of the world due to his father’s career in luxury hotel chains, Stuart is extremely familiar with hospitality and this was soon engrained in him from an early age.

Exposed to various cultures on his travels, Stuart developed a great sense of taste and smell by surrounding himself with unusual ingredients and has injected these past experiences into the way he creates and designs new drinks for 20 Stories.

During his Master’s Degree, Stuart started working in his local pub in Sale where he picked up ‘the basics’ (and met his soon to be wife)!

Moving up the ranks, Stuart was soon after given the opportunity to move into Manchester’s City Centre as a bartender and within a year, went on to fill the position of Bar Manager.

Taking an interest in the history of both food and drink, Stuart grew his knowledge in various hotels, bars and restaurants and was soon poached by 20 Stories to become part of the opening team.

The rest is history!