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Let’s get Sustainable (about wine)!

Guest post from Diana Rollan, Group Head of Beverage 

We talk a lot about sustainability now days, but how many of us actually understand the meaning of this and what this word entitles.

Sustainability literally means the ability to balance the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources with the demand required.

Modern times and the development of agriculture and the wide use of pesticides and chemicals are contributing to destroy the world’s natural habitat; killing insects and contaminating our soils and groundwater and effecting negatively our ecological balance.

Wine lovers may not be fully aware of the impact that certain vinicultural practices have on the ecosystem and may assume that wine production will be natural but the reality is rather different.

Many wineries around the globe abuse the use of pesticides and chemicals in their vineyards, to kill possible diseases, unfortunately this has becoming an habit rather that something occasional, generating a terrible impact on the environment and ultimately in our health.

Bringing awareness to this issue and the damage we are creating to our natural ecosystem is a priority. There is more pressure than ever on wine producers to reduce the chemical sprays and became more consciously green. But growing grapes is not that simple and many of these producers face several issues that affect the size and quality of their crops.

Becoming sustainable is hard and sometimes labour intensive but some producers claim it to be more cost effective than keep using herbicides to tread the vines year after year.

The truth is that if we don’t look after our ecosystem, our future generations will be looking to face some tragic consequences, with depleted natural resources, that are sterile and not viable at all.

For that reason, producers are increasingly taking a more holistic approach to maintain the natural equilibrium within the vineyards and look for alternatives towards a more sustainable techniques that will help them to keep the balance and preserve the ecosystem.

This is why it is so important that we all do our bit and try to contribute to this cause by being more conscious towards the products we buy and consume. Be sustainable people!

Here are some of our sustainable producers that we stock across our restaurants:

Jackson Family Wines



Deloach Vineyards