Shane Zhao

Head Chef of Issho, Shane Zhao started off her career and passion for cooking back in 2009 at a Japanese restaurant called Wafu in Melbourne, Australia. Instantly she knew she had a love for Japanese food and the flavours and colours that are created. Throwing herself into the deep end, Shane had two or three jobs on the go to ensure she gained diverse knowledge and understanding of the art of Japanese cooking.

After her time at Wafu, Shane was offered the opportunity to help transform a French restaurant into a Japanese restaurant, also in Melbourne. She took a step up as sous chef here. An opportunity in her career to not only develop her passion of cooking, but to create new menus in a fresh opening.

Shane later worked under a chef from Per Se where she learnt in depth the techniques and more importantly the development of her own cooking style. She continued in different areas as a sous chef in a 1 hat restaurant (Australian equivalent to a Michelin star). This was outside Melbourne in the No.1 top winery in Australia called Mount view.

After meeting her English husband Shane relocated to the UK where she is now Issho’s  Head Chef and after just 6 months of opening, Shane has helped us in being placed in the Michelin Guide.